Sunday June 22, 2008   The Star

Observe this



This is the fourth in a series of seven articles on creating the will to quit. This week, we look at observation.

TODAY, your journey as a non-smoker is to participate as an observer. Observe how you are feeling, how you are retraining yourself in your environment, how you are reacting towards your thoughts of losing your former habit, and most importantly, observing the results you are attaining.

Observation is crucial in the belief that you can quit. It is for you to start seeing the facts that you actually can change the smoking habit with ease.

This will reinforce your belief system that you can quit.

I have seen many smokers crush their pack of cigarettes and say “I’m done with it”! I smile at them and say “Great, let’s walk that talk”. When I see them the next time, I notice they are still smoking. So what is happening here?

Step four: Set no expectation

The process to quit can be conceived as tedious, and difficult to achieve. Your subconscious mind would have related that it is better to smoke and be in harmony than to get stressed trying to quit.

When you are making your promise to quit smoking, you are merely “parking” your real intention out of your quitting objectives. When a stressful situation is faced, it dislodges this hope and brings it crashing down.

There are also those who will question every method to quit in the quest to understand its methodology and to decide if it is right for them. Some of them analyse so much they get confused and end up not even wanting to try to quit.

What you must do now

Don’t analyse any of your actions or outcomes as you progress. That is not the mission! When you continuously try to analyse the quitting process, then you will be paralysed and cannot see the good work that has been done. Also, don’t fix what is working. Keep to the mission!

Trust in yourself and keep an open mind to focus on your desired results. You need to be a self-observer, neither judging nor concluding anything in your mind.

Just do what you’ve been telling yourself to do and be free. Fully immerse your whole being in the mission to be the cigarette slayer.

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