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Julian Aloysius Leicester





Public Experiences and Contributions

Diploma in Advance Hypnotherapy Lon. UK
UK Register of Advance Hypnotherapists (UKRAH)
Member of the British Computer Society (BCS)
Chapter Representative for Hypnotherapy in MSCT
Chairman for MSCT Website committee

National Record holder with Menara Kuala Lumpur for Fear Seminar with Malaysia Book of Records

Weekly column writer for four months in the Sun newspaper for Hypnotherapy

Certified national trainer for the nation’s pioneer National Service for Character Building programs in March 2004

He has been regularly featured in the major newspaper, talk shows on radio stations such as ‘Cyberjaya TV’, ‘Light and Easy Radio, ‘Radio 4, and in magazines such as ‘Health and Beauty’, ‘Parenthood’, ‘Snofida’, ‘Malaysian-Dutch Business Council’, ‘Modern Mum’, ‘Complementary Therapist’ and more. He is a sought after speaker on corporate hypnosis in the areas of fear and limiting habits.

This year 2004 he conducted a first of its kind, Choose to Stop Smoking Seminar, which achieve high results as release in a leading newspaper. It was sponsored by an insurance Company and provided research to MAKNA. Julian is the first hypnotherapist to be sponsored for such an event by an insurance company and given the support and recognition by the cancer society

This 16 January 2004, Radio 4 sought Julian assistance to help their DJ, Nigel Green of height fear. After a few hours therapy session with Julian, Nigel stood for 24 hours together with DJ Scam Boy on the open deck ledge of Menara KL for a highly publicized “Stand for Peace” national program. Nigel, a phobic sufferer of heights has now done an extreme sport activity where he stood on the ledge of the tower expose to the city skyline and looking below at 421 meters. This is not the normal activity any person would attempt and Nigel does mention his gratefulness to Julian on radio often.

In July 2003, he conducted “Your Heightness” the Fear of Heights seminar at Menara Kuala Lumpur, which caught popularity in the eyes of the public through the media publicity. All 40 phobic sufferers successfully looked down 421m from the top of Menara Kuala Lumpur, the 4th tallest tower in the world. This is a first of such a program on ‘beating the fear factor’ in Asia and probably the world. It has been endorsed by Malaysia Books of Record. It is a milestone to the complimentary therapist world as Julian’s seminar and hypnosis techniques had absolute results and endorsed nationally. Now Menara Kuala Lumpur has presented in New Zealand and he is being invited to do such seminars at the other towers around the world bringing his “Hypnosis at Top of the World” programs.

Julian has trained the National junior U13 football team as a Hypno Coach with FAM in March 2003 in the Bangkok Games

Julian has attended training by Anthony Robbins, the “World’s No 1 Success Coach” during his “Unleash the Power within You” training weekends. He is ‘fire-walk’ line leader crew member in Anthony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within You Seminar 2002 Singapore and Malaysia 2003.

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• Natural Childbirth
• Relieving Migraine
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• Memory Improvement
• Dealing with Guilt
• Overcoming Grief
• Overall Wellness

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