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"Getting significant results from the basics to build the impossible™" - Julian A Leicester

Julian’s key strength is his natural ability to take complex information and align it into sequential processes that can be duplicated to produce consistently outstanding results. Julian’s passion has always been focused at building people’s value.

He had been trained as an advance hypnotherapist by Internationally renowned Hypno Guru and book author, Valerie Austin in London. He also had the hypnotherapy training by Dr Jack Gibson, a surgeon who had perform more than 4000 surgery with hypnosis. Julian has crewed in Asia with Anthony Robbin the world's #1 success coach and book author. And it would not be complete if much appreciation is given to local Malaysian training leader, Peter Ling who has been a wonderful friend and mentor.

In 2003, Julian actively conducts 'Beat the Fear Factor" seminars such as his"Your Heightness" fear of heights seminar which he conducted with Valerie Austin at a worldclass venue such as Menara Kuala Lumpur. 40 phobic sufferers were take 421meter at the open deck of the 4th tallest tower in the world to face down and overcome their fear. The seminar outcome was media news and was awarded and endorsed by the Malaysia Book of Records as a first such hypnosis seminar. Now all the other towers will be inviting Hypno Station to conduct such a seminar at their tower. "Bringing Hypnosis to the Top of the World"

Julian will be creating his "Nation Building" series of seminars all year long, to bring value to anyone or oraganisation who wants to move to the next level and beat their fear in any areas.




The S.T.A.R. Team is Julian's most loved and admired individuals. They have tremendous love and passion to help people make the change and live life to the fullest. Striving Towards Astromnical Results team is dynamic,fun, resourceful, energetic and committed team of Julian.

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